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Always Be Ready by Laura Hadley

October 18, 2012

Last weekend I went to the park with my family and I was thinking that it would be nice to share the gospel with someone there.  Then I started thinking of excuses throughout my time there of why it wasn’t the right time: I was with my husband.  It was family time.  I didn’t have a tract on me.  I couldn’t just say, “Do you know Jesus?”

There was one girl there I could have shared with, but missed the opportunity.  As I got in the car I thought to myself,  “I should have shared and I need to always be prepared!”  I should have asked the girl,” Do you know Jesus?” even if I felt awkward saying it, at least I would have been obedient to the Lord.

So yesterday as I was watering my side yard which is on a busy street I told my son who was with me, “Follow me.”  I went to my car and got out a couple tracts put them in my pocket and went back to watering.  I was preparing myself to be available as people walked by. So right away a girl was walking her two year old and I gave her a million dollar tract. I asked her the million dollar question, “Will you go to heaven when you die?”  She said yes because she’s been turning her life around lately.  I then asked her if anyone had ever shared the gospel with her?  She said that a co-worker had been talking with her about all this and she was starting to learn more about this faith.  I talked a while with her and she said that she had prayed to receive Jesus but was still very new to Christianity.  Her co-worker had invited her to church, but all the way in Marin.  Since I live right around the corner from her I invited her to a local church and to bible study.  God gave me the opportunity to pray with her right there.  I told her it wasn’t by accident that we met.  She agreed.

My point in all of this is to always be ready to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  We are commanded to go out into all the world and share the gospel.  So let’s be ready at all times and not make excuses why we can’t share with those around us.  To God be the glory forever and ever!

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