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Breaking Down Arguments by Brian Chock

March 28, 2013

What do you say to someone who says that he hates people who try to tell him how to
live his life; who act like their way to God is the only way? This person was Daryl who
was walking around the new cars at the dealership where I work.

Of course, how we got to the subject of God was a carefully orchestrated path that by
the grace of God, I was familiar with. It started with a greeting, a “Welcome to <our
dealership>. My name is Brian, and yours?” as I extended my hand for a handshake.
Since I strategically wear my nametag above my right breast-pocket, he could follow
my extended to arm to see that I was not lying about who I was!

“I see you are checking out the new <model of cars>. Can I open one up for you?”
Daryl, who I judged to be in his late 20’s or early 30’s, laughed and replied with a “no.”
He had a vehicle in our service department for a scheduled maintenance and was killing

We talked about his car and he shared how much he liked it and how someday, he
would be getting a newer, bigger car but that would be after he bought his first house.
I told him that he seemed to be “a man with a plan,” and his countenance indicated
that he liked what I said.

So, I asked if he had plans for Easter. His reply made it clear that celebrating the
Risen Lord was not part of his plans. So, I asked him if he had a religious background.
That’s when he told me, “No, but I do have a really good friend—a former high school
teammate of mine—who is very religious.” And that is when he mentioned how he
hates people who try to tell him how to live his life; who act like their way to God is the
only way.”

Now, I have to admit that in the past, I would have bid my adieus and left. I mean
I certainly did not want to be one of those people that he hates. Wasn’t he kind of
warning me that he would get angry if I dared cross the line that he had drawn in the

But, these days, the LORD has convicted me of not falling to the fear of man. Proverbs
29:25; Matthew 10:28; 1 Thessalonians 2:4; and most recently, Revelation 21:8
represented the Word of God that I had been chewing on. God had led me down a path
where I knew that now was NOT the time to “shake the dust off my feet” and leave.

Then again, the fear of the LORD is not the only reason God has used to convince me
of my responsibility to share the Gospel. For when I looked at Daryl, I saw a younger
version of me. God has given me eyes to see people not just as service customers at
a car dealership, or fellow employees, or servers at IHOP and so on. God has shown me that these people could very well be just like I was—a man in danger of dying in my sins and self-righteousness; a man who would spend an eternity in hell if I did not receive the Good News of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

And so I proffered, “You know, Daryl, I hate it too when people try to cram their
worldview down my throat—as if God did not give me the ability to study something
and make up my own mind. But, may I give you a different way to look at the
situation?” I took Daryl’s nod to mean yes.

“Daryl, I am 57-years-old. I was 40-years-old when I realized that I had ten symptoms
that pointed to a life threatening disease that was killing me. When I finally realized
that I had the symptoms, I was desperate to know the cure. And then someone shared
the cure with me. I received the cure! I have been cured!”

“Now, Daryl, if I see someone else with the same symptoms that I have, and I don’t
run to them to share the cure, what kind of a person would I be?”

From that base point, I was able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Daryl. I took
him through four of the Ten Commandments (the ten symptoms of the life threatening
disease). We went to the Judgment seat of God, and Daryl was able to finally see that
he was guilty and in need of someone to pay his fine. Would you join me in praying
for Daryl who thanked me for sharing the Gospel with him, that his declaration that he
would take our conversation seriously would take root and his promise to begin reading
the Bible that he has at home would take flight.

Sharing the gospel is not just a duty. Sharing the gospel must be more than a chore
or a checkmark on our to-do list. Sharing the truth that will set someone free from the
Law of Sin and Death is a delight that is borne out of a love for God, a compassion for
our fellow man, and a wisdom that comes from the Word of God that we feed on. May
God continue to give us a hunger for His Word and the power and strength to proclaim

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