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Downtown SR Outreach by Alice Dollwet

October 27, 2012

Today was a great day in the Lord!

Seven of us gathered at Calvary Chapel the Rock Santa Rosa at 1:00 for prayer and devotion and then
headed out for downtown Santa Rosa. We broke off into smaller groups and walked around seeing
where the Lord would lead us. A husband, wife and son team walked through the square passing out
tracts and prayed for one man named Jerry who had seizures and other pain in his body. Then they
headed over to the bus stop where they prayed for a woman who was blind and another person with
cancer. During their prayer they noticed a gentleman raising his arms toward them and joined in their
prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ. Later they found out that man was a Pastor.

Two men from our group met that same pastor and talked with him a bit and continued to talk with
many others to share the good news. They met up with one guy whose mom is a Christian and he told
them that he keeps running into Christians that are sharing the same things with him. God has his

The other two from our group made their way through the square and felt let to approach the same
man Jerry. They talked with him for a short time and then asked if he was ready to surrender to God
right then and there. He was and so they led him in the prayer of salvation. He got a little teary eyed
and seemed excited to start his new journey with the Lord. They left him with some more tracts and
a bible. They encouraged him to pray and read as much as possible and to find a church that he feels
loved and welcome in.

What was so amazing to Jerry was that the family who first came through and gave him a tract and
prayed for him, were friends of the two that were ministering to him and from the same church. He
asked if they told the other two to come talk to him and they said that they didn’t and it was just a
divine appointment. He was deeply touched that God cared for him so much that he would arrange all
those people to talk to him and pray with him.

We never know who is hurting and who needs love and the truth. We should always pray and ask God
to guide us day by day to those he wants us to minister to.

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