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Downtown SR Outreach by Bethany Wineteer

September 29, 2012

On September 22nd I went downtown with my church’s evangelism team and was able to share the gospel with many people. One of the first girls we shared with was very attentive, but her friend made her leave before she heard the whole gospel.

Later I shared with a man who was “spiritually enlightened” and thought my questions were childish, but I brought him the gospel and that’s what matters.  All I can do now is pray he is reconciled to Christ.

I met many fellow believers along the way and encouraged them in their walk with God.  I met a man who didn’t speak to me very much at all, he simply showed me a picture of Jesus he keeps in his breast pocket, and he said “What does that look like to you?” I said “We’ll that’s Jesus.” Then he replied “There you go.” He wouldn’t talk about the man in the picture at all, so I told him “Sir, just because you have a picture of Jesus in your pocket does not mean you’re saved.”  He didn’t like that much.

We had so many great conversations that day, and I can’t wait to get into more. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

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