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First day at SSU

October 2, 2012

God is so good and so faithful and I just LOVE how He answers prayers!  When Laura and I were out witnessing at Sonoma State last year it was usually just me and her.  We prayed and we prayed for more believers to come out with us, but none came.  We saw our prayers answered today as six of us gathered in front of Taco Bell for prayer with one more on the way.  Seven, the number of perfection and completion.  I couldn’t help but just cry as I thanked those for showing up ready to spread the love of Jesus to the students on campus.

For the majority of our group it was the first time they had been out street witnessing.  It encouraged me so much to see men and women faithful to the calling of God, stepping out of their comfort zones, and being willing to be used by our mighty God.

God gave me many great conversations today.  Last year when we were at SSU the campus police was called and the police said we were not allowed to approach people, but we were allowed to talk to them.  The time before that we had one student so angry as he was screaming at us, threatening to call the police, and then stopping on one of our bibles.  Today was much different. Students actually stopped to listen.  They were engaged.  They listened intently.

I approached one student and asked him if he were to die if he would go to heaven.  He said he would because he was a Christian.  I asked him where he fellowshipped.  He said he was not too serious about it.  I wanted to say that he ought to be serious about it because Jesus was pretty serious when he died on the cross for our sins, but I didn’t. Instead I asked him what he meant by that.  He said his parents were Christians, but he didn’t go to church or anything.  “What does a person need to do to get to heaven,” I asked  He responded by telling me that people need to be good and do good things.  I asked him, “If we can get into heaven by on our by our own good deeds why did Jesus die on a cross?”  He said it was a good question and that he would have to think about that one.  I asked him if he wanted to know the answer and he said, “Yes.”  I then took him through the commandments and shared with him that we are all sinners and we have all fallen short of the glory of God and how it is ONLY by Jesus’ blood that He shed for us that we can receive the gift of salvation.  “We must repent of our sins and put our faith in Jesus Christ alone,” I told him.  He said that really made sense.

It seemed like everyone we talked to was open and willing to listen.  Praise God.  When it was time to leave I went to go grab Laura.  She was in a conversation with a student who wanted to give his life to Jesus.  She asked him, “What would stop you from giving your life to Jesus right now?”  He said, “Nothing.”   To make sure he understand she went through the Gospel again and he agreed with everything.  She asked him if he wanted to pray to receive Jesus right then.  He said, “Yes.”  So he prayed and then Laura prayed after.  I asked him if he would like to have one of the guys in our group take him out for coffee or something and teach him more about Jesus.  He said he would, so he exchanged numbers with one of the members of our group!!  Praise God!!!!  Please be praying for Drew that his confession of Christ was sincere and that he would grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that he would go out and tell his friends about Jesus!

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