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God softens the heart!

July 31, 2012

Saturday was amazing!  We had 18 of us flood the streets of Downtown Santa Rosa proclaiming to the lost that there is eternal salvation in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!  Each group had amazing testimonies of what the Lord did and I am eagerly awaiting to hear the details of all of them, but before I forget I wanted to write down mine.

I was partnered up with Bethany and Kathryn.  Kathryn went and sat next to one guy and started talking to him as Bethany and I finished up a conversation we were having with one homeless man.  I saw a girl sitting by herself, but she had headphones on so I didn’t want to interrupt her.  But something was drawing me to her, so we went over anyway.  We started sharing with her and she was very polite and sweet, but there seemed to be no outward reaction at least.  But I always remember that God’s word NEVER returns void.  As we continued to talk to her her boyfriend came over.  He went to his dad’s house, but his Dad wasn’t home, so he came here to meet his girlfriend.  Just a coincidence, right?

I turned my attention more to the boyfriend and although he was much more talkative he seemed to care even less than his girlfriend about the things of God.  He showed no concern for hell, judgement, the penalties of sin.  There were many times during the conversation where I was tempted just to get up and leave, clearly getting nowhere, but we stayed and continued to share.  I asked him why he would choose to spend eternity in hell and he just shrugged his shoulders as if I had asked him why he had eaten a sandwich for lunch and not pizza.

He then told me that there was another guy earlier that morning who was saying the exact same things as I was.  Wow!  God was really wanting to get this guy’s attention if he sent TWO believers in the same day to talk to him about Himself.  I again just started sharing with him the fact that God wants a relationship with all of us.  He wants to save us and make us new, but He has appointed a day which He will judge the world in righteousness.

By the end of the conversation he agreed he should read the Book of John and he said he actually wanted to go to church.  I could not even believe the turn of events that happened in a span of 30 minutes.  His heart grew from cold and indifferent to one of conviction.  Praise the Lord!  He is so good and He is MIGHTY to save!

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