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God’s Love

June 9, 2012

I just love the fact that the more I talk about Jesus and His amazing grace and love towards us, the deeper I fall in love with Him and the more I want to talk about Him.  As I start sharing the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ with a person, I get so excited.  This is real!  This is true!  Jesus Christ humbled Himself, came down from heaven, died a sinner’s death, all for ME and for YOU!  Wow!  The Creator of the Universe, Maker of the Heavens and the earth desires to have a relationship with me. He desires for me to come and talk to Him, to sit in His lap, for me to tell Him my worries and my fears and He wants to take all of that and exchange it for peace and joy and wisdom and love.  He takes our sinful hearts and creates in us a clean and pure heart.  He frees us from the bondage of sin so that we are free to love, worship, and serve Him.  He comes to give us life and life more abundant the Bible says.   And He is right now preparing a place for us in heaven.  Who am I that you are mindful of me?  The God who spoke the universe into existence is mindful of us!  He cares about us.  He knows us.  He has the hairs on our head numbered.  What an incredible God we worship!  We are His ambassadors!  Let’s go and share who Jesus is!!!!

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