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Goodbye Market…

August 31, 2012

Eleven weeks of sharing the Word of God at the Farmer’s Market has been sometimes amazing, sometimes difficult, and sometimes just really sad.  Rohnert Park has a lot of hard hearts.  But praise God His Word never returns void and no one is every beyond the reach of the grace of Jesus Christ.

We have had many amazing conversations where people have listened intently to the Gospel being spoken to them.  They have asked sincere questions and seriously thought about the things of God.  Please pray for those whose hearts were soft that God would continue to sow the seed that was planted and it would lead to their salvation.

We have had other conversations where the hearts were so hard.  Some of them grew up in the church, were pastor’s kids, but now believed in evolution and were atheists.  Others we weren’t even able to enter into a conversation with because as soon as they heard the name of Jesus, they put the Gospel tract back in our hand and walked away.

I think the saddest conversations we had were with professing Christians that were enslaved in sin, didn’t believe the inerrancy of the Bible, didn’t believe Jesus is God, or that Jesus is the only way, or Christians who had NO idea how to share with someone how to receive forgiveness for their sins and gain everlasting life.

The times are so short.  Jesus is coming back soon!  We MUST preach the Gospel despite the outcome.  I always think of Jeremiah who preached for 40 years to the people of Judah yet there is not one record in his book of someone repenting of their sins and turning to God.  I thank God that He has given us the blessing of seeing at least some fruit come from our encounters, but sometimes I do get discouraged by the lack of repentance and hard heartedness here in Rohnert Park.  But I have to remember that Jesus is LORD, He is Sovereign, and if He is big enough to speak the world into existence, He is big enough to save someone who I have talked to even if they seemed so hard at first.   We must not grow weary.  We must persevere in sharing the Gospel.  Our God is worthy of all our praise, worship, admiration, and obedience!  Let’s go out and share our faith!!!!

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