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Salvation! by Laura Hadley

April 28, 2013

It was the last day of outreach for Sonoma State University this year and God was SO good to have given me an opportunity to share Christ and have a girl there receive Him. On top of that she was the last person I spoke to before it was time to go that day.  I felt SO blessed!  There is no greater joy than having someone who’s heart is ready for the gospel and then praying with that person to receive Jesus.

The whole time I was speaking with her she was really listening and taking it all in.  I asked her, “On judgement day, will you be innocent or guilty if God judges you by the 10 commandments?” Then she asked me, “Would I be guilty and go to hell and if I’ve ever lied?”  I proceeded to tell her the good news.  ALL have sinned and need God’s forgiveness.  If we die in our sins the bible makes clear we will spend eternity in hell,  BUT if we receive Christ’s gift of salvation we can be set free from the punishment of sin because Christ paid our fine on the cross.

I asked her what was stopping her from putting her trust in Christ.  She said nothing and then I asked her, “Would you like to receive Jesus as your Savior?”  She said, “Yes!”  She prayed silently then I prayed for her.

SO EXCITING!  I haven’t heard back from her since, but I pray that she will grow up in The Lord and will not be carried away by the enemy and the world.  I know if she’s truly saved, she has the Holy Spirit who will guide and direct her.  I encouraged her to find a bible believing church and to read God’s word.  I told her that we talk to God in prayer and He talks to us through His word.  I encouraged her to pray before she reads and ask God to help her understand what she’s reading.

When I got home I sent her an email with many verses on important subjects and told her I would love to encourage her in her new walk.  I praise God for the Holy Spirit because when we have the opportunity to lead someone to Christ  and then we try to reach them at a later time but don’t hear back, at least we know God will finish the work in that person.  God promises to never leave us nor forsake His children.  I would love to follow up with the people I have had the  privilege of leading to Christ but that is not in my hands.

Lord I pray for this girl, along with all the people we have had the privilege to lead to Christ, that you would continue to draw them closer to yourself.  That they would hunger and thirst for righteousness.  That other believers would surround them and be an encouraging friend that would help to strengthen their walk with you.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!=)

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