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Letters from God

June 8, 2012

I had another blessed time of witnessing at the Santa Rosa Farmer’s market.  Laura and I prayed again that God would put in our path the people that HE wanted us to talk to, and like always, He answered.  The last conversation I had was with two teenage girls who both said they were believers.  I asked them if they read their bibles everyday and they said, “no.”  I then gave them an analogy that I’ve heard a couple times and maybe you have too.  I said, “Say when you’re older, and the man you are desperately in love with goes off to war.  Everyday while he is gone he writes you a love letter.  In his letters he writes how much he loves you, how he wants to take care of you.  He talks about the future plans that he has for you and him when he gets home.  He tells you not to worry, but just to trust him and that he will come back again soon.  Then finally the day comes and he is back from war.  He sees the letters that he wrote you, but you never even opened them.”  At this moment the girls just gasped and exclaimed how horrible that would be.  I went on to ask them what that would tell him about their love for him.  They both agreed that it would show him that they didn’t love him.  “God wrote his sons and his daughters 66 love letters that are contained in this book; the bible,” I said.  “As His children this is one way we spend time with him and it is evidence of our love for him.”

How cool is that?  The God of the Universe wrote us 66 love letters.  Do we look forward to reading His love letters to us?  Do we get excited to spend time with Him?

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