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M4G 1/8

January 8, 2013

We met today at the Coddingtown mall play structure for our bi weekly M4G (Moms for the Gospel) outreach.  Upon arriving I immediately got in a conversation with another mom that was there.  We talked for a couple minutes about things under the sun and just as I was about to swing the conversation from the natural to the spiritual her daughter went running out of the play area and the mom went running after her.  She said she had to go and I so I gave her a million dollar bill tract, told her I was a Christian and that the Gospel message was on the back.  She thanked me for the tract then off they went.

A little while later my son went running out of the play area and I went to go grab him and noticed a couple of young moms standing with their kids outside the area.  They looked really familiar and I told them that.  They said, “Yah you’re from the baby shower!”  Almost 2 years ago we had a baby shower for a young pregnant girl who didn’t have anything.  None of us knew her, but we all showered her with gifts and prayers.  I had given her my phone number but she said she had lost my information.  I gave her my cell number again and we talked about her 19 month old daughter and then I asked both her and her sister what their thoughts were on the after life.  They both believed in heaven, but not hell.  I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with them (unfortunately we kept getting interrupted because my son was being fussy).  I then prayed for them and told them about the food ministry that my dad does and where they can get free food for themselves and their babies.  They were so thankful.

I talked briefly to another mom, but she cut me off and said she didn’t want to get in any discussions with me about the afterlife.  It’s these moments that I definitely don’t like and wish I was at SSU so then the student would then just walk off, rather than the mom continue to stay there and watch her son play.  Awkward!  BUT, we must be obedient and open our mouths and speak whether it’s awkward or not.

God is good and the Gospel continues to go forth.  Please pray that we would continue to be bold for the Lord and share the salvation message with those who are perishing.  Also pray that God would open the eyes of the blind and they would be saved from eternal damnation.  Oh Jesus, please pour out your spirit upon our cities!  We need you, Lord!

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