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Me? Share the Gospel with Strangers?!?!?

August 30, 2012

“It was terrifying, yet so much fun!!  I cant believe I was able to do it!!!”  These were the words of 14 year old Victoria after she shared the Gospel with complete strangers at the Farmer’s Market.

Victoria is a sweet, bubbly kid, but around people she doesn’t know, she is extremely shy.  Part of the homework for the evangelism course I did with the kids was to pass out Gospel Tracts to strangers.  Knowing how terrified she was I told her she only needed to pass out ONE!  I told her when she was with her mom at the store just to give one to the person behind the check out counter, and then run out the door.  Even this was creating so much fear in her.

Wednesday was our scheduled witnessing outing to the Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market.  At first I was discouraged that only 3 of the kids actually showed up.  Fear.  It can dominate a person.  But I know that so many people had prayed and were praying and so God was going to do something, as He always does.

On the way there, Geena, one of the other youth was nervous, but it was nowhere near the fear that I saw in Victoria’s eyes.   But we were all prayed up and ready to go.  Honestly, I was highly doubtful that the 3 girls were going to say much.

Boy, was I wrong.  Immediately, Laura (my Barnabas) and I started getting into conversations with people on the streets.  Geena stayed by my side and listened in, but the other two girls went off by themselves.  They had the tracts and were passing them out to people.  Praise God!  If they weren’t going to verbally tell someone the Gospel, at least they were passing out the Gospel that was written on the tracts.

The time passed quickly and we had to leave in about 20 minutes.  The girls still hadn’t shared with anybody.  Laura and I continued getting into conversations and the three girls took off.  I was absorbed in my conversation I was having with a teenage boy who was greatly interested in the things of God and in how to obtain eternal life and have his sins forgiven.  After I finished praying with Carlos, the three girls came up and were  so excited!  “We shared!  We shared!!”  They had huge grins on their faces and the excitement on their faces brought so much joy to me.  They shared their conversations that they had with different people and told me of their responses.  I was so proud of them.  They had conquered their fears. They had cast it aside for the sake of being obedient to Jesus’ command.  Praise God!!!!



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