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Moms for the Gospel 12/11

December 11, 2012

**Picture is of Laura’s son.  In the background is Laura sharing the Gospel with a woman.

Today we headed out to the park for our M4G outreach.  Even though it was very cold, God is so faithful to answer our prayers of Him bringing people to the park so that we could share the Gospel with them.

When we arrived all the playground everything was wet.  It was definitely not a day that moms would be flocking to the parks with their kids, so we prayed!  A couple minutes later a woman came walking her dog.  My son, being infatuated with dogs, ran over to look.  We started talking.  Laura came over and after the formal pleasantries, Laura asks, “Do you go to church around here?”  She says she doesn’t, but used to go to a Catholic Church in Sebastopol.  Laura then asks, “So what do you think about the afterlife?  What do you think happens?”  She responded that she didn’t know, but she hoped that she would go to heaven.  The kids started needing our attention and so I went over to watch my son and Laura’s two kids while Laura continued talking.  She was able to share the true biblical Gospel with her and encouraged her to read through the Book of John.  Praise God!

There was one other mom that came about an hour later with her daughter and cousin.  We started talking and I ended up inviting her to the Mom’s group that I am a part of called MOPS.  I told her it was a Christian based Moms group and asked her if she had any type of spiritual background.  She said she used to go to church for a little bit when she was younger.  I asked her if anyone had ever shared with her the true, biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ with her.  She said that she didn’t think so.  And there was my “in.”  I was able to share the Gospel needing to stop multiple times for me to attend to my son or her attend to her daughter or little cousin.  She said that she had been thinking about “religion” a lot more lately since she had her daughter and just wasn’t sure about everything.  I praised God for allowing me the opportunity for me to share with her.  We exchanged facebook information so I could give her the MOPS information and I sent her a message on facebook reiterating the Gospel and encouraging her to read through the Book of John that she asked for.

Sharing the Gospel with kids around is definitely hard, but we can always make excuses for not being obedient to Christ’s command.  Let’s just GO for God and DO what He has called us to do.  Let us pray that wherever we are, whether it is at an organized outreach event or if it just in our day to day, that God would give us open doors to be able to proclaim the Gospel to those who are willing to listen.  Jesus is LORD!


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