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Moms for the Gospel!!!

October 9, 2012

The park outreach was AMAZING today!!  We serve such a mighty and awesome God!!!  There were four of us moms that met up at the “A” park here in Rohnert Park.  At first there were no other people that were there besides us.  We had a sweet time of fellowship with one another and did some role playing as it was one of the mom’s first time doing any street witnessing.

Soon after the park started to get crowded and our time of evangelism began! 🙂  We took turns watching each others kids while we got into conversations with other moms.  I had the opportunity to talk to two moms.  The first I talked to for about 20 or so minutes and even though she has her own beliefs she was very open and allowed me to share with her what the word of God says.  I got her email from her so hopefully we will keep in touch.  She seemed like she wanted to!  Praise God!

The second mom I talked to was very open as well.  She had no idea about heaven or hell.  I got to share the Gospel with her and invited her to MOPS.  She gave me her email as well and said she was very interested in coming to the MOPS meetings.

Laura was in a really good conversation as well and I heard the last part of it where the mom expressed her gratitude in Laura taking the time to share with her. s

Melissa also had two conversations one with a mom and another one with a guy who was just going through the park with his dog!  I am so excited for the work that God is doing and so excited to see what He does next!!!  Jesus is LORD!!!!

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