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Joy in Sharing Jesus

April 10, 2012

Mondays are our weekly outreaches to Sonoma State University. The other day I was having a horrible day! I got some really bad news, my kids were still a little sick and cranky and to top it off I ran into the curb with my hubcap on my car and dented it. I was even crying but I knew God still wanted me to go out that day and share Jesus with the lost. So as Karissa and I were driving she asked if I still wanted to go. I said yes and I just want to tell you that my really bad day after witnessing turned into a really good day, full of joy! Witnessing brings me SO much joy and excitement! I am so blessed to have a friend who shares the same passion and desire to seek and save the lost. I encourage you to pray and ask God to bring people in your life who have a passion to share Jesus so that you can encourage each other and build each other up in the Lord.

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