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Our Primary Motive

October 31, 2012

What should be our primary motive in sharing the Gospel?  Should it be the fact that thousands upon thousands die daily to spend an eternity being tortured in the lake of fire and sulfur?  Should it be the fact that there is a direct command by the God of the Universe to, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation?”  (Mark 16:15).

I have to agree with what John Stott, a prominent leader in the worldwide evangelical movement said:

“The highest of missionary motives is neither obedience to the Great Commission, nor love of sinners who are alienated and perishing, but rather zeal – burning and passionate zeal – for the glory of Jesus Christ.”

Is this characteristic of our lives?  Do we have a burning, passionate zeal for the glory of Jesus Christ?  Sadly, I don’t believe this is true.  We have grown complacent here in the United States and there is much apathy towards Christ and His Great Commission, where only 2% of Christians regularly share their faith.

We are a church that is asleep and we must wake up!

One pastor said it like this:  “God is so worthy to be glorified among the church and among every person on the face of the earth….If anyone is worth telling the world about it is our great, Sovereign God that made the Universe and holds it together by His word.”

Do we believe that?  Let’s go and tell the world about our King!

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