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Park playdate

November 15, 2012

Every Tuesday, whether we’re going to SSU or to the park for M4G, something happens.  My son stays up really late the night before and is crazy grumpy, I’m sick, my son’s sick.   The last two times especially have been like that, and each time I have wanted to cancel and just stay home, put on a movie for my son and just sleep.  But each time there’s been such an urgency placed on my heart and I knew that canceling was not an option.

Today, as I pulled into the parking lot of the park, I saw my Mormon friend there with 7 or 8 of her other friends from the LDS church.  Laura and I had already gone back and forth with our Mormon friend who is also named Laura and basically she told us that she didn’t want to talk about Mormonism or Christianity anymore.  So here Laura and I were two ambassadors for Christ ready to share the Gospel amongst a group of Mormon moms.

I had met some of the moms already and then I ended up talking to one mom who I met at the library awhile back.  I had no idea she was part of the Moms group.  When we met at the library she definitely had a bad taste in her mouth about Christianity.  She had gone to Texas A&M and had some run ins with some very unpleasant, judgemental Christians who basically called her stupid for believing in what she believed in.  This is definitely not the best evangelistic approach- calling people stupid who don’t repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

Laura got into a conversation with one of the moms there who did not go to the LDS church, but was with the moms group.  She was Catholic and Laura had an opportunity to encourage this mom and talk to her more about the mission of Jesus Christ.

There were a couple people there cleaning up around the park and I went over to them and got into conversations with them.  The one guy was completely turned off and actually turned his back on me, so I started talking with the lady.  She listened as I shared about God’s judgement, His justice, and His mercy.   I saw the other guy nodding his head as I talked which I thought was kind of weird considering he completely snubbed me.   The seeds were planted and now we pray that God would grow them.

As I was getting ready to leave, I saw one mom who didn’t seem to be part of the group.  I asked Laura if she knew if she was part of the group and she said she didn’t think so and told me to go talk to her.  Just as I was about to go, she came up to us and asked her if we were here every week.  So cool!  She is Catholic and goes to the Catholic church.  She believes only some parts of the bible and does not believe that Jesus is the only way.  So sad!  🙁

I am excited though to see what God does in us through us as we continue to run into the Mormon moms group at the park.  He is good and He is Sovereign and in His plan he has placed us in the same place multiple times.  I am praying that the veil of deception will be lifted from their eyes and that they will  to encounter the true Jesus Christ!

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