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Sharing Jesus at My Friend’s Wedding

September 4, 2012

ended my friend’s wedding and before I went, I prayed that God would give me a divine appointment to share the Gospel with someone.   My hubby and I got there early and we started mingling with the guests.  My eyes were open to see who the Lord would bring along.  I ended up talking to some of my friends who I had not seen in a long time.  They were already believers and it was great time of fellowship.  The wedding began and I continued to pray that I would be able to share with someone there.

After the ceremony we continued to mingle while the bridal party took pictures.  I had an opportunity to talk with a brother and sister in Christ.  I shared with them about the evangelism ministry and how we as believers need to GO to the people instead of waiting for people to come to us.  I encouraged them to come to one of the witnessing outreaches and then had a chance to pray for them before we went in to eat. “Maybe that was my divine appointment,” I thought.  Maybe my divine appointment was to talk about the ministry and pray for my brother and sister.  But God definitely had other things in store.

My hubby got our name cards that told us what table we were sitting at – table #5.  When we got there the table was completely full.  I guess that had made a mistake and filled up the table.  We ended up sitting at a different table.  I put my purse down, pulled out my chair and sat down across from a friend of the groom.  We exchanged small talk for a couple minutes then I asked him if he went to church.  He said he didn’t, that he was not very religious, but would like to learn more.  I asked him if anyone had ever shared with him the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He said no one had, but he was very interested.  Praise God!!!!!  I ended up sharing with him how we are all sinners in need of a Savior and how our sin is so severe and one day we will have to stand before a holy, just, and perfect God and give account for everything we’ve said, done, and thought.  I then shared the Good News as he listened.

After I shared the complete Gospel it was then time for our table to get up and go to the buffet line.  Perfect timing!  After we got our food and sat back down, I asked him, “So what would stop you from giving your life to Jesus right now?”  He said he needed to learn more.  I told him that 150,000 people die everyday and he never knew when his last day was going to be.  I urged him to get right with God as soon as possible and that there was nothing more important than our eternal salvation.  The conversation ended and I saw the girl to my right kind of listening in.

I turned to her and asked if she heard the conversation at all.  She said she had heard bits and pieces.  I asked her what she thought.  She said that it was so crazy because her mom had been telling her the same things.  She continued that she was kind of tired living the way she was living and that something needed to change.  Praise God!  God was confirming his Word in her heart as I was sharing with someone else!  God gave me the opportunity to encourage her to repent of her sins and put her faith and trust in Jesus.  We talked throughout the whole dinner and I was so blessed!!  God is sooooo good!!!!!

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