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Sharing Jesus with a Lifeguard

July 16, 2012

Over the weekend a dear friend of mine was baptized.  It was such an exciting time to say the least!  We had reserved the local community pool for late in the afternoon.  “What can wash away our sin?  What can make us whole again?  Nothing but the blood, Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”  As we sang these words I couldn’t help but think about the two lifeguards that were sitting there by the side of the pool as we worshiped our Lord and Savior.  Did they know that it is only by the blood of Jesus that our sins are washed clean?  Or are they like the majority of people who are deceived into thinking they are going to heaven when they die because they are “good” people.   I knew I had to go witness to them after the baptism.  How could I not?  Here we were singing about the blood of Jesus and how by His sacrifice we have been saved from eternal torment and yet we had no idea if these two people were saved.

After the baptism was over and during the free swim time I headed over to talk to one of the lifeguards who was supervising the diving board.  I asked her if she had ever witnessed a baptism before and she said not in this context.  She went on to say that she was Catholic and had just gone through her confirmation.  I started asking her questions and went through the commandments with her, but she could not care less.  Someone had come up to me to ask me something and she took that opportunity to walk away.

I really wanted to talk to the other lifeguard, but I was now feeling discouraged.  They stuck by each other the whole rest of the time.  On our way out, I grabbed two million dollar bills and I handed them to both of the lifeguards.  The one that I hadn’t talked to was really excited about it.  I told him the question on the back said, “When you die will you go to heaven?”  I started talking to him and he was very interested.  He said he was very open and actually is searching for the truth.  He goes to the library and checks out different books on different gods, but I got to share with him about the ONE TRUE GOD, Jesus Christ.  At the end of our conversation he was very thankful and said he would definitely read the Gospel of John that I gave to him.  I was so excited!  There is NOTHING better than sharing the message of salvation with those that are perishing!

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!  He is sooooo good!!!!!!

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