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Soft Hearts Among the Hard

August 20, 2012

We had a great time at the City Kids Festival, but it was kind of funny because most of the good conversations happened walking on the way to the actual festival, and on the way back.

As we walked towards the festival I saw a group of teenage boys.  I started passing out the million dollar bills and as always, the kids were so excited to get them.  One boy said he had already gotten one when he was in Canada for Canada Day.  He knew the million dollar question on the back and said a guy had given him one and spoken about Jesus!  Praise God for my brothers and sisters in Canada faithfully proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ up North.  At the mention of Jesus the other teenagers took off, but the one remained behind to talk to me about the things of the Lord.  He’s the guy in the picture above.

At the festival we talked to many believers, encouraged them in their walk, and prayed for them.  There weren’t many unbelievers there who spoke English, so we decided to  leave and go back to the downtown area.  On the way back, there was a group of about 15 teenagers who were sitting on the steps of a skate park.  We went down to talk to them.  I started passing out the million dollar bills and like the kids before they were so excited.  They sat back down on the steps and seeing I had an audience, I began sharing the Gospel with all of them there.  There were a couple in the back that were cracking jokes and and trying to get me distracted by their crude questions.  A girl who sat in front of them turned around and told them to be quiet and that they were being disrespectful.  I continued sharing about the consequences for our sin and  how Jesus paid the penalty for our sins on the cross.  A couple other kids were talking and a man who was listening in all of  a sudden shouted at them to be quiet and to listen to what I was saying because it was the truth.

Most of the kids could care less about what I was talking about, but none of them left.  There were a few who asked some really sincere questions.  Out of any young crowd, it seems like there is usually at least one soft heart who is seeking to know the truth, yet caught up in their friends and peer pressure.  Praise God for the opportunities God gives us to share the truth of Jesus with these teenagers who are looking to fit in and be accepted by just about anyone when really all they need is Jesus!

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