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The Gospel is Enough

August 31, 2013

A couple weeks ago I met a vendor at the Farmer’s Market. He actually approached my friend and I and asked what we were passing out. I told him they were million dollar bills with the Gospel message on the back. I started to share with him, but we kept getting interrupted. When he finally seemed to get a break we continued talking, but he didn’t seem interested in talking about the Gospel, so we just “shot the breeze” so to speak and mostly ended up talking about the new casino that was opening up and how our city would be changed by it. When it was time to leave we said our goodbye’s, but I couldn’t help but think if I should have found some way to bring up the Gospel again. I was really frustrated and I prayed I would have a chance to talk to him the next week.

The next week came and yep, we got a chance to talk. He opened up to me about his time in the war and how it really messed with his head. He then told me he was a born again believer, but he never really talked about it to anyone, but for some reason he found it easy to open up to me. Totally Jesus! He said he was tormented by the things he did in the war and the people he killed. Many nights he stayed up thinking about the people he killed and wondering if they had wives, kids, brothers, and sisters that they left behind. I shared with him about the grace of God and the power in the Gospel. I shared different scriptures with him and reminded him that Jesus could fully heal his mind and his heart. I asked if I could pray for him right there and he said yes, so we bowed our heads and prayed.

The following week, I had a brief talk with him. Asked him how he was doing and then gave him a piece of paper with a bunch of different scriptures verses on them. The next week, the last Farmer’s Market, he saw me as I was approaching and he immediately says, “Thank you so much for those verses. I looked all of them up and you don’t even know the comfort that it brought me. Every single one of them had to do with salvation and I realized I was putting myself in the place of God by not forgiving myself. It is the Almighty who forgives and it is my job to trust in that salvation. I appreciate you giving me the verses and I really mean it.” Praise the Lord!!! We talked for awhile after, I prayed over him again, and then I got his contact information so I could keep in touch with him since it was the last Farmer’s Market. What a sweet man!

The whole time I talked with this struggling war veteran I felt so ill-equipped. I didn’t know what it was like to be in a war, nor did I know what it was like to suffer from PTSD. He kept telling me that I had a gift and I should start a ministry working with soldiers getting back from war. In my mind I thought he was crazy and that I was the absolute last person that should start a ministry like that. But then I realized I had everything I needed to reach out to this man. I had the Gospel. I knew Jesus. I had His Wisdom. I had His Word. And that was enough! Just because I hadn’t fought in a war didn’t mean I couldn’t minister to this man. God did the ministering through me. All I did was be open to be used by God.

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Laura September 1, 2013 at 4:28 am

Wonderful NL! Love u girl! U r SO precious to me! I’m SO proud of u! God is using u in amazing ways! What a gift!


Karissa September 1, 2013 at 7:05 am

Awww! Thanks, Laura for your sweet words! And thank you for stirring in me a deeper desire for Him and His glory! God is good!!


LaShandra Fluno September 11, 2013 at 10:46 pm

Such an awesome reminder, He will equip us for the task and give us what we need.


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