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Truth by Jarrod

June 19, 2012

The picture above is of Jarrod sharing the Gospel with three guys at the Cotati Jazz Festival.  Here is what he said of the conversation:

At the Cotati Jazz Festival I went over and started talking to a group of guys one of whom I had met before.  I asked them if they had any type of spiritual background and they started telling me their beliefs.  They believed that pot helps repentance, and that the Rastafari has the true understanding of Jesus.  They then started talking about aliens and how that was the reason we were here.  After listening to this, I said, “None of you really know which belief is true, right?” They nodded and I said that Jesus is truth.   They were very interested, so I began to share with them the truth of God.  I  asked if I could pray for them and they turned me down so I continued to talk to them and shared some Scripture with them.  I opened up to Romans 3:23,  “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  I continued to read through the chapter.  I then opened up to Romans 1:18 and read that chapter. I explained as I went through.  I took them right to the Gospel of John chapter 3.  They were really listening, so then I went to Mark 4, the parable of the sower.  I wanted them to hear the Word of God and bring them to a right recognition of their heart, soil, and spiritual condition.

After that the guys got quiet and one of the guys looked sad and then said, “The problem is me.”  I asked one more time if I can pray, and they said yes.  It was exciting to see the look on their faces after the prayer.  With a farewell and my praying to myself to for God’s hand to move, I walked away feeling full of the Spirit.


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