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We Must Do Something

December 29, 2012

There comes a point where we must stop just praying for souls to be won for Christ, and actually go out and win them.  Not that we can actually save souls, obviously that is only the work of Jesus, but God uses ordinary men and women like us.  We can pray hours for boldness and courage.  We can pray with tears in our eyes for the lost to come and know Jesus, but if we aren’t actually opening our mouths and speaking forth the truth of the Gospel to those who don’t know Him our prayers mean nothing.  I love what Charles Spurgeon says:

“Brethren, do something; do something, do something!  While societies and unions make constitutions, let us win souls.  I pray you, be men of action all of you.  Get to work and quit yourselves like men.  Old Suvarov’s idea of war is mine: `Forward and strike!  No theory!  Attack! Form a column!  Charge bayonets!  Plunge into the center of the enemy!  Our one aim is to win souls; and this we are not to talk about, but do in the power of God!'”

Personally, I go out to Sonoma State University to evangelize and I go to the parks with M4G (Moms for the Gospel) and engage in conversations with other moms about Jesus, but what about in my day to day?  Sharing the Gospel in my everyday is a lot more difficult.  I confess that  oftentimes my focus is not on Jesus, but on myself.  It’s not, “God use me right now to advance Your Kingdom,” but instead it is, “God help me with this problem over here or that problem over there.”  Not that we shouldn’t ask God for help with our problems, of course we are, but I tend to to focus more on myself and less on the souls that will be damned to hell if they don’t repent and trust in Jesus.  “But how will they hear without someone preaching?” Paul says in Romans 10:14.

Every morning one of my prayers is that he would give me open doors for me to be able to partner with Him in the advancement of His Kingdom.  I pray for boldness to share with someone who the Lord brings me in contact with that day.  But my prayers mean nothing if when I go about my day, focused solely on what I need to get done, rather than being focused FIRST on His Kingdom and His purposes.

Today I went to go get my eyebrows waxed.  (Sorry guys if you don’t care to know that!)  I don’t go very often, but almost every time I go, I get my eyebrows done by the same lady.  I’ve probably interacted with her about 8 times and I had never shared the Gospel with her.  As I was in the room, my heart was convicted.  8 times I could have shared the Gospel with her, and 8 times I have either been afraid to, or just haven’t even thought about it.  Either excuse is not okay.  I prayed that the Lord would give me an open door.  I prayed that he would make me open my mouth and say something without sounding horribly stupid.  But if I did, so what?  When she was done, I opened my wallet and gave her a million dollar bill tract.  You would have thought I actually gave her a million dollars.  Her face beamed and she kept thanking me for the tract.  “Where did you get these?!?!” She asked.  I told her it was from a website and it had the Gospel message on the back.  We walked out of the room to the cash register where she showed me the  one that I had given one of the other workers there.  She told me that she had taped it down on the counter because someone had tried to steal it.  Then she looked at me and said, “This is the best gift you could have given me!”

WHAT?!?!  All I had given her was a piece of paper.  It wasn’t the best gift I could have given her, but I knew what was –  the Gospel of Jesus Christ and now I just HAD to tell her!  And I did!  Praise God!

Let us be on mission for Jesus not just at specific witnessing outreaches, but EVERY single day!  Let the love of Christ burn in us like a fire.  Let his words dwell richly in our hearts and his love, mercy, and grace compel us to tell others about it.  If you you struggle with fear, know that you are not alone.  Even the Apostle Paul struggled with fear, but we must not let fear be an excuse for not sharing the Gospel.  We must repent before God of our fear, our selfishness, our complacency, and our lack of love.  We must get on our knees and ask God to fill us with boldness and courage, and then go out in the power of the Spirit and tell people about our Lord.

David Platt says, ‎”We must decide if we are going to be a spectator in the plan of God living according to our own meager plans and our own meager desires and our own meager wants and our own meager agendas, or if we’re going to put those aside and be participants in an eternal drama of a Christ that is drawing the world to itself.”

What is your answer?

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