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Witnessing at SSU

November 16, 2012

The great thing about where we witness at SSU is that we will never have to cancel because of the rain.  We had our umbrellas to walk there, but we witness outside the library where there is a big covering!  Praise God!

The first person I talked to said her mom was Catholic, but she didn’t really have any “religious” affiliation.  I asked her if she would go to heaven when she died and she said that she would go to purgatory and then for a week people would pray her into heaven.  I told her that was not in the Catholic bible or the Christian bible.  I shared with her the truths of the bible and that it is appointed once for a man to die and then comes judgement and we will all have to stand before a holy God and give an account for everything that we’ve said, done, and thought.  She listened as I shared the Gospel with her and seemed to agree with everything I was saying.  She said her mom had always taught her to listen when someone comes and speaks about Jesus and that was why she listened to me.  Praise God!  I gave her a Gospel of John and encouraged her to read it and get right with Jesus.  She gave me her email and said she was interested in learning more.

I also talked to a student who knew what was right.  He knew that he wasn’t right with the Lord.  He knew that Satan was distracting him.  I could see the Holy Spirit working on his conscious as we spoke.  I exhorted him to lay aside the worldly things and run to Jesus.  I reminded him of the brevity of life and how the decisions we make in this life determine our eternal destination.  He said he was going to get right with Jesus right away.  He gave me his email so I could send him the information about the bible study on campus.  I am praying that after our conversation his guilty conscience continued to weigh heavy on him and he repented of his sin and put his faith in Jesus.

I joined Laura in a conversation that was extremely sad.  He said he walked with Jesus and lived a life that honored him.  He did not believe in all of the bible because in his words, “The Vatican messed with it” and he will not read a book and take it word for word if it was messed with by man.  He believed that Jesus was a good man and believed he was 50% man and 50% God.  He was absolutely positive that he was right with God.  Satan had him so deceived into thinking he was doing exactly what God wanted him to be doing and would enter eternal life upon dying!  No matter what we said, his heart was so hard and Satan had his mind so blinded that he could not see the truth.  It was so sad.  It’s conversations like those that make our mission even more urgent and make me get on my knees even more and plead with God for the many lost souls.

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