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Witnessing in SF by Jordon Voisin

December 20, 2012

Dec 14-16, 2012: Calvary Chapel The Rock: Missions Trip: San Francisco

Friday evening we arrived at the Hostel in Fort Mason, and to my surprise it was far more luxurious than I had anticipated. All of us were excited and maybe a little nervous to go out and declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Thankfully we were all familiar with one another due to our scheduled weekly prayer meetings from three weeks prior to the commencement of our trip. There were a few more nervous than others seeing as it was their first time, and even for those of us who had been out witnessing before were still affected by our nerves. Shortly after we got settled we gathered and had a devotional as we prepared for our first night out witnessing. With spirits high and the iron in our hearts sharpened by our fellowship we went out and split up into two or three man teams. It was such a blessed experience.  We spoke with fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, brothers, and sisters; of course we would have hoped that more would have stopped to hear the amazing news of the Gospel, but it was such a blessing to be able to speak with those which we had divine appointments. I believe we can say that for sure seeds were planted.

Having gone to bed somewhat late, but by the grace of God not feeling the effects we got up early to get ready for our day with City Impact. Once we had been registered and were then addressed we found that there was just over five-hundred people present ready to serve the Lord in this blessed ministry. Some groups went to the kitchen, others to Christmas present distribution, and the rest of us to food distribution. Thankfully, after being paired off our entire group stayed intact for our time with City Impact. While carrying boxes with food containers to each building we then proceeded to go door to door and give food to those who would receive it and then went on to ask them if they knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ, many said yes, a few said no, but thankfully we had the opportunity to pray for many. This was such a blessing because we were able to fill such a great need in these people’s lives.

After our day with City Impact came to a close we gathered and set off for lunch and began our free time before round two of evangelism Saturday evening. Then we met again for devotional and set out for evangelizing San Francisco at night, my group was itching to go to the tenderloin to reach the hearts of those who needed the Gospel, but the Lord had taught me something while distributing food that day. Talking with a man, things changed rather quickly from friendly to being foe, and the Lord gave me a healthy fear to be cautious of this man. This fear was not shameful but was unlike anything I had ever felt in my life and with a well-timed “Jordon, it’s time to go” from my dear brother Chris Maiocca I knew the Lord was saying it was time to move on. With this I felt the Lord was saying to be cautious and not be naïve to be so trusting with everyone I had come across with. So that evening as approaching the tenderloin even in the thought of it I was so in fear of the place that with prayer for deliverance of this fear did nothing but keep me calm. As we came closer and closer to Turk Street I couldn’t help but feel that something bad was going to happen. Once we had spoken to a third person Jim had discernment to leave and a relief came over me as to see that what I thought was a wrongful fear being a discernment to stay away. Yet in another group Alice had a similar discernment and continued in as well, but as the Lord is our protector He delivered us from harm. With this I feel the Lord also showed me that to go into such a dark place especially at night that we truly need to be seeking the Lords guidance and if that is something He would have us do, and for some situations we should wait for the Lord to say “Go!”.

As we went towards the trolley station we were so blessed with the Holy Spirit guiding our words and actions as we witnessed to those we came across on the street. After a blessed evening we met up and got dinner, fellowshipped and went back to the Hostel and we un-winded and reflected on the day the Lord had set before us. Amazingly while distributing food I had run into a young man named Jeremiah who I had spoken with the night prior about the Gospel and I hope that that second encounter had been a testimony to him as to how much Christ loves us and such a blessing to me to see the smile on his face as he remembered how I prayed for him the night before.

Sunday I woke up to what I believe was the worst bloody nose I’ve ever had in my life, and thankfully my dear brother Kasey Cazet awoke and was able to help me get things under control and when I did I found Mike, Jim, and Chris to be up already so I got up and I fellowshipped with my fellow brothers as we prepared for our service where we then continued on to the wharf where we set up sound equipment and prepared to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Chris, Jim, Bryan, Mike and I cycled through preaching and it was a very blessed time with everyone witnessing, and the Lord blessed us by allowing us to plant seeds in the hearts of these men and women. One man approached me and said thank you so much, he had a dollar and wanted to give and asked if he could give more by some means, so I said thank you very much, but I think your money could be so much more of a blessing to someone else as I directed him to City Impact and told him how much they need it.

I could not have asked for more of a blessed time with family in Christ and to be witnessing the gospel, I know without a doubt that relationships were strengthened greatly, seeds planted, amazing lessons taught by the Lord and so much more. The love, mercy, and grace that were given us by the Lord is absolutely indescribable as was the joy received from doing so. From our testimony I hope this encourages you to not delay in what Christ has called for us to do as the great commission to go out and declare the Gospel to all the nations! I also hope this is reinforcement to show that the mission field is very much our own backyard.

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